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Turbo Golf Racing Season 3, Twisted Space, is now live

The part-golf, part-racing title from Hugecalf Studios and Secret Mode, titled Turbo Golf Racing, enters its third season on Monday (April 17). Twisted Space is the name and theme as the arcade racer takes on a space theme with new content.

Season 3 comes with 10 new levels, all dedicated to the twists and turns of space. It also includes two pieces of DLC in the Tech Jet Supporters Pack ($3.99) and Space Explorer’s Galactic Ball Set ($1.99).

Season 1 and Season 2 leaderboards have been reset, and the move to Season 3 includes both casual and ranked matchmaking.

The roadmap for the title also gives a brief glimpse into the title’s future, which will include custom lobbies. Two new cores, the Trail Blazer and the Off Roader, have also been added to the fold.

Turbo Golf Racing is playable now via Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Pass Game Preview. Check out the new season and concurrent patch notes below.



  • Season 3: Twisted Space is coming! Featuring new space levels, 40 season rewards, space music, a new lobby scene, and gravity-bending gameplay!
  • We’ve added separate queues for casual and ranked games to complement our new ranked system.
  • The cores have been rebalanced and we’ve added two new ones: Trail Blazer and Off Roader!
  • Now is your chance to set a world record, leaderboards and rankings have been reset.


  • Get 40 rewards in Season 3!
  • 10 new space levels that put twisted gravity in the spotlight!
  • Added casual queue.
  • New Space Lobby Scene.
  • 2 new downloadable content packs with 15 items!
  • Added Trail Blazer core which increases speed on boost pads.
  • Added Offroader core to mitigate negative terrain effects on car and ball.
  • 3 new space music tracks have been added!
  • 10 new shop items.
  • 8 new avatars will be awarded for Season 2 rating placement.
  • New missions have been added for the new cores and bodies.


  • Switched to ranked points, with new ranked buckets!
  • Updated win counter to count ranked wins.
  • Leaderboard requirement has been removed.
  • Updated key graphic to space image.
  • Updated logo to space version.
  • Updated badge system with 7 badges.
  • Hyper Glider only increases speed while not depleting the boost.
  • Hothead’s speed has been increased.
  • Stomp has a reduced boost duration and no longer refills the boost.
  • Double Dash has increased dash power and reduced cooldown for intermittent dash.
  • Ice Lock freezes the ball until it is hit and provides unlimited boost while the ball is frozen.
  • Spring Ball refills the boost with every bounce of the ball.
  • Big Shot replenishes the boost with every ball hit.
  • Sticky duration and speed boost have been reduced. The ball is now propelled forward when sticky runs out.
  • Core descriptions have been updated.
  • Bots will now display a time when all players have completed a hole.
  • Updated bot difficulty, creating different bot profiles.
  • The bot cosmetic item pool has been reduced.
  • All leaderboards have been reset, including time trials, wins, and leaderboards. Data from seasons 1 and 2 are available via Discord!
  • Somewhat more advanced missions are no longer sequential.
  • Learning the Basics now includes an additional party mission.
  • Mission UI now has increased padding.
  • Updated mission notifications to prevent clipping.
  • Mission reward amounts have been updated.
  • Updated currency replacement amounts for received items.
  • Item costs have been updated.
  • The top bar in the lobby has been rearranged.
  • Updated buttons throughout the game.
  • Updated keyboard shortcuts throughout the game.
  • The season page shows amounts for currency rewards.
  • Adventure window arrows have been updated.
  • Added level name to scoreboard.
  • Increased the arrow size of the ball gauge.
  • Removed Sand Master and Rough Rider cores.
  • The “Sandmaster” and “Rough Rider” missions have been removed.
  • Default steering sensitivity has been reduced.
  • Updated default settings.
  • The vehicle colors of the vehicle selector have been changed.
  • Eligible cores have changed in the cores tutorial.
  • Updated tutorial scenario layer images.
  • Updated cross-scenario tooltip text.
  • Increased Mission Success text size in tutorials.
  • Prompt icons have been improved in tutorials.
  • The screen now goes blank when a player is unable to move in tutorials.
  • Removed game HUD when selecting cores in tutorial.
  • Default cores have been updated.
  • Added sound effects when completing a mission.
  • Added sound effects when opening an item chest.
  • Added sound effect to random core pickup.
  • Updated sound effects for Stomp and Big Shot.
  • Surface and decal icons have been updated.
  • Booster icons and display colors in the Garage have been updated.
  • Updated icons for cannonball, contrail spoiler and V16 spoiler.
  • Updated speed line visual effects.
  • Updated the visual effects of fans and tunnels.
  • Smooth transitions from barriers to glass tunnels.
  • Glass material has been updated on all levels.
  • Updated tree placement in Bull’s Eye.
  • Adjusted fans in Broken Pretzel and Spots and Shots.
  • Updated launch pad emission colors.
  • Updated appearance of launched objects.


  • Fixed localization issues across missions.
  • Fixed issue with bullet camera switching between layers.
  • Fixed crashes on Xbox consoles.
  • Fixed bugs that occurred when the game was left open for a long time.
  • Addressed skipping in curvy corners.
  • Fixed issue with rank point calculation.
  • Fixed bug caused by missiles in game shot.
  • Fixed issues with vehicle selection sometimes not working.
  • Fixed invisible pickups in City Gates and Walk In The Woods.
  • Fixed glass tunnel smoothness in precision decisions.
  • Fixed visual issues with tunnels in City Gates, Terminal 19, and Twisted Gardens.
  • Addressed resets in Atl, Dustbowl, Factory Showdown, Inner City Circuit, Rocket Ramp, and Spots and Shots.
  • Addressed Tunnel OOB in Terminal 19 and Twisted Gardens.
  • Wrong rock material updated on Enter The Serpent.
  • Fixed issues with obtaining the Activate, Just Another Day, and Pastime achievements.
  • Updated missile arrival indicator to better reflect direction.
  • Wrong waterfall effects and orb materials in Walk In The Woods have been updated.
  • Fixed an issue where personal online bests were not updating in leaderboards.
  • Fixed localization issues in French and Spanish.
  • Fixed disconnecting inactive players when bots are present in games.
  • Fixed tutorial flyover skipping on restart.
  • Addressed core effects present in tutorials.
  • Fixed issue with ice lock and sticky effects persisting across levels.
  • Fixed incorrect unlock description for Party Up avatar.

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