WATCH: 12 amazing FREE racing games for Android and iOS

Mobile gaming is one of the most accessible ways to get into racing games. Think about it, you’re probably reading this description and watching this video on your phone right now!

While serious simracers may scoff at the idea, there are so many different ways you can get your racing fix in the palm of your hand. The best part is that many of the mobile gaming options are free to play.

We’ve searched the apps in both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store for iOS devices and found 12 games that you can play on your mobile phone right now.

Our list here ranges from 3D racers with touch or tilt inputs to top-down racers and even a few sidescrollers and management games.

These games are also all free to download. Some have in-app purchases, so pay attention. What do you think of our list? What other free mobile racing games do you play? Let us know in the comments!

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