WATCH: Dave Cam tests the new tracks in iRacing’s 2022 Season 4

Yesterday our iRacing expert Dave Cam drove the new Porsche Mission R concept car around the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. Today he still shoots and trades the all-electric beast, but this time it will be on the new tracks iRacing released this week.

The Wednesday 2022 iRacing Season 4 Build update included three new tracks. One that everyone will have for free with membership is the Rudskogen Motorsenter. Then there is the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben, which is part of the paid content. iRacing also released a brand new Dirt Oval at Lucas Oil Speedway, but I don’t think the Porsche Mission R will do well on that surface, unfortunately.

Located in Germany, Oscherslebin measures 2.296 miles or 3.70 kilometers for the entire Grand Prix circuit. This particular circuit has four layouts, including one with a controversial first chicane. For Rudskogen in Norway there is only one floorplan with a length of 2.022 miles or 3.25 kilometers.

Once again, Dave is in Mission R in qualifying mode, learning the new tracks in real time as he completes his first laps around the Oscherslebin Grand Prix facility and the almost fictional elevation changes at Rudskogen. Dave says it reminds him of a location from Gran Turismo 7!

Hear Dave’s thoughts on the circuits as he navigates the twists and turns in the Porsche Mission R. Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s Mission R video in case you missed it. What do you think about these new tracks? Share your thoughts with us below!

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