WATCH: The Le Mans story, part two

A decade full of innovations. speed, more than ever. Extreme fashion statements, new wave music, the first launch of the space shuttle and the enduring fascination of Concord.

A pinnacle in arcade gaming and the introduction of the GameBoy. We had fire-breathing Group B rally cars and turbocharged rockets dominating Formula 1.

And in the midst of that golden era of motorsport, we had Le Mans prototypes with downforce, unfathomable acceleration, noise, flame and speed. Ridiculous speed.

I’m talking about the 1980’s… I’m talking about Group C. Join us on a journey through the 80’s and 90’s at the Circuit De La Sarthe.

Through the magical era of Group C racing and the initial dominance of a German manufacturer until the late 90’s and the brief but sweet emergence of GT1.

Have you checked out the second part of our Le Mans history series and don’t forget to check out the first part as well.

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