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What’s new in the official schedule of the third iRacing season 2023?

It’s finally here! The third iRacing season 2023 has finally started today and all new content and functions are now making their way into official racing. While there’s still plenty of existing content, if you’re looking for some new and shiny things, here’s the Season 3 2023 schedule for you to keep up with.

New cars, new and updated series

2023 iRacing Season 3 features three brand new cars in the service, all joining the most content license, Road. There’s some overlap, but the new content will give you plenty of opportunities to jump into over the next 12 weeks.

caddy corner

The main content must be that Cadillac V-Series.R GTP. This new car joins that BMW M Hybrid V8 in the GTP class and will compete in four multi-class racing series during Season 3, two of which will be weekly. Up to nine different cars can now be used in official and hosted races, which is one reason this is possible.

There is an Americanized series that represents IMSA and runs 45-minute races. The other is a European series of 60-minute events. However, there is some overlap. For example, IMSA will visit Spa, Jerez and Motegi, while the Euro Series will visit Watkins Glen, Daytona, Road Atlanta, Indy and Road America.

Only a Class B license or higher is required to participate in the IMSA iRacing Series, while participants with a Class A license can participate in the European Sprint Pure Driving School Series. Both series will compete against the Dallara P217 LMP2 class. IMSA features the GT3 class while Euro competes against GTEs.

IMSA / Euro Series Season 3 Schedules 2023

Week # IMSA iRacing series Euro Sprint Pure Driving School series
1 Watkins Glen International – Boat Autodromo José Carlos Pace – Grand Prix
2 Indianapolis Motor Speedway – Street Course Nürburgring Combined – total distance 24h
3 Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps – Grand Prix boxes Watkins Glen International Classic Boot
4 Canadian Tire Motorsports Park National Autodrome Monza – Grand Prix
5 Circuit Jerez – Ángel Nieto – Motorbike Daytona International Speedway – Street Course
6 Lime Rock Park Grand Prix Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps – Endurance race
7 Circuit Gilles Villeneuve Road Atlanta – Complete Course
8th Road America – Complete Course Indianapolis Motor Speedway – Street Course
9 Circuit of the Americas – Grand Prix Enzo and Dino Ferrari International Racetrack –
grand prize
10 Twin Ring Motegi – Grand Prix Circuit of the 24 Hours of Le Mans – 24 Hours of
11 Virginia International Raceway – Complete Fuji International Speedway – No chicane
12 Daytona International Speedway – Street Course Road America – Complete Course

There are also endurance racing series that don’t follow the weekly iRacing schedule but rather a bi-weekly schedule with much longer races. The Cadillac will compete in these races as well as the upcoming VCO Watkins Glen 6HR Special Event.

No dental license is required for this LMP3 series

The creation date for the third iRacing season 2023 is most likely June 6th

The Ligier JS P320 LMP3 has two series it will join in Season 3 2023. One of them is the stand alone series, a new one for the new car called LMP3 Turn Racing Trophy. The other is in the form of the Falken Tire Sports Car Challenge and includes the new LMP3 as well as a variety of GT4 cars in multi-class racing.

Both schedules are identical.

  • Week 1 – Oulton Park Circuit – International without Hislop
  • Week 2 – Watkins Glen International – Boat
  • Week 3 – Long Beach Street Circuit
  • Week 4 – Canadian Tire Motorsports Park
  • Week 5 – Circuit Park Zandvoort – Club
  • Week 6 – Nürburgring Grand Prix Circuit – BES/WEC
  • Week 7 – Jerez Circuit – Ángel Nieto – Bike
  • Week 8 – Road America – Full Course
  • Week 9 – Road Atlanta – Short
  • Week 10 – Virginia International Raceway – Complete Course
  • Week 11 – Nevers Magny-Cours circuit – Grand Prix
  • Week 12 – Suzuka International Racing Course – Grand Prix

Another shiny new Porsche to race!

That is new Porsche 911 GT3 R (992) is the latest and greatest in GT3 racing from the German team. This car replaces the older model iRacing released two years ago and will find its way into the same series including the IMSA Racing Series listed above for the Caddy.

In addition, you can find the new Porsche in the following series. Strangely, all of their schedules are identical.

Week # GT Endurance VRS series / GT3 Fanatec Challenge – Fixed / GT Sprint VRS series
1 Lime Rock Park Grand Prix
2 Fuji International Speedway – No chicane
3 Daytona International Speedway – Street Course
4 MotorLand Aragon – Grand Prix
5 Virginia International Raceway – Complete
6 Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps – Endurance race
7 Circuit Zolder – Grand Prix
8th Road Atlanta – Complete Course
9 Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya – Historical
10 Circuit of the 24 Hours of Le Mans – 24 Hours of Le Mans
11 Phillip Island Circuit
12 Mount Panorama Circuit

New tracks find their way into the official version

iRacing officially confirms Willow Springs for Season 3 launch in 2023

The two new venues for Season 3 in 2023 are MotorLand Aragon and Willow Springs. Taking into account the fact that Aragon has seven different track layouts, there are actually eight new tracks this season.

Willow has the potential to add even more, and Aragon has only represented three of her layouts in the roster this season. You can board here.

MotorLand Aragon

  • Week 2 – Ferrari GT3 Challenge (Grand Prix layout, fixed)
  • Week 2 – Kamel GT Championship (External Layout, Open)
  • Week 4 – GT Endurance VRS Series (Grand Prix layout, open)
  • Week 4 – GT Sprint VRS Series (Grand Prix Layout, Open)
  • Week 4 – GT3 Fanatec Challenge (Grand Prix layout, fixed)
  • Week 7 – Formula C – Moza Racing Dallara F3 Series (Grand Prix layout, fixed)
  • Week 7 – Formula C – DOF Reality Dallara F3 Series (Grand Prix layout, fixed)
  • Week 8 – iRacing Classic Lotus Grand Prix (Exterior Layout, Open)
  • Week 11 – GT4 Falken Tire Challenge (Motorcycle GP layout, corrected)
  • Week 11 – Falken Tire Sports Car Challenge (Motorcycle GP layout, open)
  • Week 11 – GT Challenge (Exterior Layout, Open)

Willow Springs

iRacing New Car Season 3 at Willow Springs

  • Week 2 – Formula 1600 Trophy (open)
  • Week 5 – Grand Prix Legends (Open)
  • Week 7 – Ferrari GT3 Challenge (Fixed)
  • Week 9 – Supercars Series (Open)
  • Week 9 – GT4 Falken Tire Challenge (Fixed)
  • Week 9 – Falken Tire Sports Car Challenge (open)
  • Week 10 – Camel GT Championship (Open)
  • Week 11 – US Open Wheel C (OVAL SERIES, fixed)

Special occasions


As for the iRacing special events in Season 3 2023, four of them are listed to take place over the next few months. Another event is expected, the Peachtree Three, which usually takes place in the summer but has no official date yet.

First up is another leg of the VCO Grand Slam, the Watkins Glen 6HR endurance event. Next month, the last 24-hour endurance race will take place at the GT3 spectacle in Spa-Francorchamps.

Towards the end of the season, the NASCAR iRacing Series hosts the Knoxville Nationals and a 500-lap race at Concrete Bristol Motor Speedway.

16-18 June Watkins Glen 6HR Watkin’s Glen GTP / LMP2 / GT3 (IMSA) 6 hours (Team)
23-25 July spa 24 Spa Francorchamps GT3 24 hours (Team)
Still open Peachtree Three Street Atlanta Corvette C8R / GT4 / GR86 3 hours (team)
18-20 Aug Knoxville Nationals Knoxville 410 winged Big WoO event
5th-11th September Bristol 500 Bristol Oval NASCAR Cup Full length NiS races

That would be it, as far as the schedule and special events are concerned. Which series will you be participating in in the next 12 weeks? Let us know in the comments below!

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