Willow Spring shows graphical improvements

Willow Springs will arrive iRacing Next week the roster will be presented and the staff will talk about the development and the graphical improvements introduced. Some of these are mostly demanded and needed by many of the old titles already included in the title, so we assume that sooner or later everyone can benefit from these updates.

Willow Springs has been a challenging yet fun project for our team. Because of the unique landscape, the project strongly pushed them to innovate. We’ve developed advanced multi-material shaders, finally introduced the foliage system, and completely overhauled our off-track terrain process.

willow feathers 1

Our entire team has contributed to this result, from our decade-long veterans to our amazing new hires who have brought so much energy to the company. These improvements will be made to new routes and eventually rolled out to older routes as well.

willow feathers 3

Our broadcast team will be relieved to have more placement options for their cameras with a new high-quality five-layer terrain process.

willow feathers 4

Our tree implementation has been completely redesigned to address significant lighting and shading issues from the previous model. Our quality bar will be raised yet again as many more improvements to tools, pipeline and rendering are planned for the future.

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