WRC 23 – Rumors and more rumours

What a way to make people’s heads spin! It seems that Codemasters is already grasping EA’s tactics and rumors are starting to surface about the next WRC game which, as we will recall, will no longer be developed by Kylotonn but by Codemasters under the Electronic Arts umbrella.

So WRC Generations will be the last of the French this month. While we were hoping for a Dirt Rally 3 to liven up the wait, EA denied that arrival, diverting all resources to next year’s new installment.

The little that is known, which falls within the realm of rumor and leaks rather than certainty, is that we will be able to build a rally car from scratch. This consists in the selection of the different parts of its mechanical and aerodynamic components. It remains to be seen whether we will be able to choose other base chassis and not those limited by the current WRC participants, which has been one of the weak points of this license so far.

Within the WRC license we will enjoy 16 classes with the different WRC categories. We will surely learn more details as the months progress.

See you on the track!

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