Here are the three new cars slated for Gran Turismo 7 next week

Another monthly update, another new car teaser on Twitter. This time around we think the three new cars include an award winner, a JDM special and some Italian flair.

Nissan Skyline (R32) GT-R Nismo

Andy Middlehurst drives a race modified Nissan R32 GT-R at Goodwood, 2022 – Nismo street version used for homologation – Motorsport Images

The R32 generation of the Nissan Skyline is already included in Gran Turismo 7 thanks to the V-Spec II GT-R.

On the right in the picture, however, these are unmistakable lines of another model of this generation. It could be the less powerful but still fast GTS-t TypeM or the limited Nismo variant with homologation Evo Edition. If the latter is the case, which we think the side skirts hint at, we’d love to see the R33 and R34 Nismo specials included in a future update too. Here you go.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT from the 1960s

A race-modified Alfa Giulia Sprint GT Veloce is driven by Vern Schuppan at Goodwood, 2011 - Jeff Bloxham, Motorsport ImagesA racing modified Alfa Giulia Sprint GT Veloce is driven by Vern Schuppan at Goodwood, 2011 – Jeff Bloxham, Motorsport Images

At the back of the image are the distinctive lines of an Alfa Romeo designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro.

This isn’t a modern day Guilia like the one seen in Gran Turismo 7’s wild GTAm version, but one from the 1960s when airbags were still a dream and there were no emissions regulations. As part of the 105/115 series models there are several possible variations, from the Sprint 1600 GTA from Gran Turismo 4 to the GT Veloce 1600 as discussed by Harry Metcalfe in the video below.

In any case, expect minimalist design features and a lively engine, coupled with a harsh exhaust note.

Greening Auto Company 1971 Ford Maverick

Greening Auto Company 1971 Ford Maverick - Gran Turismo 7Greening Auto Company 1971 Ford Maverick. Image: Greening Auto Company

Following the Wicked Fabrication GT 51 and the GReddy Fugu Z is another SEMA award winner in our opinion. Running thru 2018, the Gran Turismo Award at the Los Angeles auto tuning and modification event where Kazunori Yamauchi selected his “Best of the Show” was selected.

This car, in turn, would then appear in a Gran Turismo game. Dating back to 2003 with a Buick in Gran Turismo 4, this latest addition is a heavily modified 1,200hp Ford Maverick. It was created by owner Jimmy Shaw of the Greening Auto Company.

Images: Motorsport images

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